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Good Short Term Investments for 2014

5 Good Short Term Investments for 2014

Investors who seek to make quick profits rather than build a portfolio can turn their attention to these short-term investments for 2014:

Money market accounts

They offer reasonable returns. Another advantage is they give you quick access to your funds. For many investors a money market account can be more rewarding than a Certificate of Deposit, because of the higher rates. But you should always be ready to move your money from a money market account into a CD when the rates of the latter improve.

Silver investments

Many investors have found this year’s short-term investments in gold much more profitable than those in silver. The silver market remains quite volatile. It can be extremely profitable for shrewd investors who want a quick profit.

Online savings accounts

They guarantee a return. Not a big one, but substantial enough to help you sustain other investments. The benefits of these accounts are the high liquidity and the risk-free return, both of which are extremely advantageous for an investor. Keep in mind all safe online savings accounts offer quite low interest rates. These accounts can never be a primary source of income.

London mansions

Property in London sells well, in particular high-end mansions. There is much foreign interest in these properties, from Asia and the Middle East. Buying a bargain property and then reselling it for a good price is not easy, but it can be extremely rewarding.

Foreign investments

Many financial markets across Europe are beginning to recover from economic difficulties. Foreign investments are available for UK-based investors, especially in real estate and emerging companies.

The key to making successful short-term investments is discovering the right investments for you. CTFM can help. Ask the experts at Compare the Financial Markets to assist you with your search.

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