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Why Investments in Solar Energy Are On the Rise

Solar Energy. Sustainability. The Green Movement. Meat-Free Mondays. Everyone is doing their bit to help the environment and it is now considered fashionable (even important) to recycle and not print that email. Using gas instead of electricity shows the world that you are a good, responsible member of society and some countries have even put laws into place to make their citizens more aware of the environment.

Companies have been quick to jump on the Green Movement as a way to boost their image and to show that they help where it matters most. This initial rise in investments in solar energy was easily explained and no-one seemed to give it a another thought; a secondary venture for many.
But now, investments in solar energy are still rising. Steadily. And with fervour. It has become clear that sustainable ways of providing power is big business. Take the news-worthy negotiations between Baker & McKenzie and the Sumitomo Corporation regarding the building of three mega-solar plants in Japan: it is predicted that the region will become one of the biggest solar energy markets in the world by the end of this very year.
It’s a big leap forward for the environment, and it creates some healthy competition against the oil and gas markets. In addition to this, research shows that solar energy also has the highest return on investment of any of the renewable energy markets (due to lower costs because of scientific and technological breakthroughs).

Some investors view the movement to be the next logical step. At some point in the future, humanity will have to rely on renewable energy as a source for power ñ this is not negotiable. And, like the arrival of the personal computer, solar energy is revolutionising the way in which we operate in our homes.
Investments in solar energy are no longer secondary ventures that are used by companies to improve their image. This market is not just having its moment in the sun; itís here to stay.

For advise on investing in solar energy, contact the experts at CTFM.

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Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment and we can offer advice on this area.

Investors generally buy gold as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social, or fiat currency crises – including investment market declines, burgeoning national debt, currency failure, inflation, war and social unrest).

The gold market is also subject to speculation as other commodities are, especially through the use of futures contracts and derivatives.


Investing in gold?

Ask the Experts at Compare The Financial Markets.


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Where is the Best Place to Invest Money in Today’s Economy?


Compare The Financial Markets

If you are like most people right now, you are asking yourself, ìWhere is the best place to invest money in today’s economy? Thanks to sudden drops and unexpected corporate problems many private investors have been steering away from the stock markets. Many investors are pursuing alternative investments which offer much better returns than are being found in stocks right now. Compare The Financial Markets is comprised of investment advisors who can help direct you towards an alternative investment which can provide you double-digit returns each year.

Hands-On Investing – Investing in Franchises

Many investors rarely consider franchising opportunities. Yes, they do often require a little more research and hands on work than many investments, but they can also be lucrative ventures which can be set up to run with minimal effort from you. There are franchise opportunities available with investors of all budgets, and can often times be an exciting investment option. Many retired investors enjoy it as it provides a sense of working while still allowing them to enjoy the benefits of retirement.

Where is the Best Place to Invest Money Offshore?

For investors seeking a less hands on approach, another avenue which Compare The Financial Markets specialises in is offshore investment accounts. By moving your funds to another country you are able to take advantage of investment opportunities and tax laws which are much more favorable than the ones that are found domestically. Investing in offshore accounts is also beneficial for investors concerned about the privacy of their financial portfolio. Compare The Financial Markets advisors can help you find the right country and financial institution for your portfolio needs.

Where is the best place to invest money, you ask? The true answer is that it depends on your financial needs. The experts at CTFM can help you assess your financial needs and find the best investment strategy to fit your goals.

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Seminars in London With Compare The Financial Markets

Compare news, views and best investment and alternative investment opportunities from the UK and around the world

Compare news, views and best investment and alternative investment opportunities from the UK and around the world

London Seminars for Investment Opportunities

There are many London seminars geared toward investment opportunities. As any investor knows, education is key to investing successfully. Seminars on investing (i.e. how to invest, when to invest, where to invest, and if particular investments are worthwhile…) are excellent methods to not only learn about your investment vehicle, but also a great way to network within the community.

The London School of Economics offers a London seminar on Alternative Investments (the Alternative Investments Conference). This conference is dedicated to educating students especially on investments other than stocks and bonds – for example hedge funds and private equity. The conference runs for two days. The first day is designated ‘Hedge Fund Day’ and has a great number of knowledgeable keynote speakers on investing in credit and debt opportunities. The second day is Private Equity Day, dedicated to looking at all of the other investment vehicles available in conjunction with firms and other organisations. Examples of these are venture capital investments, formations, exits, and pension plan investments, as well as how to make a decision about what type of partnership to embark upon.

Strategic Capital Services also offer ongoing seminars to help investors understand how to get into the hedge fund market, and how to profit from it. Some of their seminars also discuss investing in foreign markets.

In addition to attending London seminars in person, an investor may want to look into online seminars on alternative investment vehicles. For example, the company Hedge offers an online forum and online webinar/teleconferences, where people from across the globe can participate. You can also find valuable information related to investing throughout our website.

London seminars with Compare The Financial Markets

CTFM can help you find a London seminar tailored to your requirements. Talk to the experts at Compare The Financial Markets.

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Comparing the Best Investments: Precious Metals vs. Real Estate

Precious Metals vs Real Estate ... Ask the Experts

Precious Metals vs Real Estate … Ask the Experts

Comparing the Best Investments: Precious Metals vs. Real Estate

Diversification of an investment portfolio is very important, especially when the typical vehicles of investment are not working as expected. Alternative investments provide a way for you to not only diversify, but to have fun with your investments too. However, this does not mean you should not be careful! When entering into the alternative investment market, you should always compare the best investments available. As always an educated investor is a successful investor. Two of the top alternative investments are precious metals and real estate.

Real estate has long been the bastion of ‘hands-on’ investors. Why is this true? Because if you are careful, you can realise almost immediate profit from a good real estate purchase. In addition, you gain financial equity with property. Any type of depreciation on the property can also be deducted on your income tax. And, if managed properly, properties can bring in a sizable income for the owner. In these trying times, if you can get a loan to buy property, real estate is priced to sell, so there is a great deal of potential for very high gains in the future. The downside is the real estate market, especially of late, is as volatile and unpredictable as stocks. It is also not considered a liquid asset, and thus should be used only as a long-term investment.

In comparing these best investments, we note precious metals can be an excellent shorter term investment since, during times of inflation, their values rise a great deal. Precious metals can easily be bought and sold, sometimes as the metal itself or as stocks/shares in a precious metal company. The downside of precious metal investments is the investments are highly volatile and dependent not only on market demand and supply, but also on the whims of the governments where these metals are mined, refined and stockpiled. As such, this investment vehicle should be considered with care.

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