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20 Promising Franchise Opportunities in the UK

The 20 franchise opportunities listed here have been chosen based on the quality of the franchise system they offer, the entry fee compared with the potential for profit, and the name of the company behind it. Please note that the minimum investment figure given for each franchise is only an estimation. Many franchises won’t give you an exact figure until you contact them.

1.              ActionCoach Franchise – £41,000

With over 1,000 coaches in 40 countries, ActionCoach Franchise is the largest business coaching franchise in the world. You can expect a six-figure income for your investment.

2.              Baskin Robbins Franchise -  £300,000

The world's largest ice-cream specialty shops with 6,700 retail shops in 40 countries offers a multi-store portfolio in the UK. Turnover for 5 stores can reach £1million in the first full year of trading.

3.              Subway Franchise - £101,500

The popular global sandwich franchise offers an excellent franchising plan.

4.              Senior Shop Franchise - £75,000

A clothing store for senior citizens living in care homes, it brings them products at their location.

5.              Dental Fix RX Franchise - £95,000

A fast-growing service-based franchise specialized in fixing dental equipment on location.

6.              Redline Recruitment Franchise - £21,500

Create a recruitment business in the logistics industry with one of the best firms in the field.

7.              Sport Work Franchise - £7,750

A sports education franchise committed to helping the disadvantaged.

8.              United Carpets Franchise - £30,000

An affordable franchise package from the UK’s premier carpets company.

9.              Redstones Franchise - £11,995

A property and lettings agency that offers a franchise system focused on quick returns.

10.           Water Cooler World Franchise - £24,995

A leading provider of high-quality water coolers for home and corporate use.

11.           Charisnack Franchise - £4,950

A simple and easy-to-run small health food franchise.

12.           Oven Clean Franchise - £16,995

One of the most interesting home cleaning services for one of the UK’s most promising market in 2013.

13.           Shell Retail Franchise - £100,000

The famous petrol company offers an attractive franchise opportunity for investors.

14.           Body Minute Franchise - £35,000

Join one of the UK’s top leading beauty day spa franchise network.

15.           ettyres Franchise - £34,000

Leading online tyre etailer offering complete services.

16.           EnergyMyWay Franchise - £20,000

Focusing on home improvements, this renewable energy franchise is one of the most accessible for new investors.

17.           Banana Moon Day Franchise - £50,000

One of Britain’s best-know day nurseries offers a franchise for those who like to work with children.

18.           Papa John's Franchise - £70,000

Well-known Pizza home delivery company has a simple and engaging program for investors.

19.           Your Plumber Franchise - £10,000

Join this franchise and help Britons find the right plumber more quickly.

20.           ColourFence Franchise - £20,000

Make people’s fences and gardens more beautiful.

If you’ve liked these 20 franchise opportunities, you will enjoy the financial advice and news that Compare the Financial Markets constantly offers. Find out more on our website.

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