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*Definition of a failed investment is the loss of 50% or more of the original investment.
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Answer to Renewable Energy is Blowing in the Wind

With many factors causing shortages of oil and other natural resources, there have been many demands for Alternative Investments renewable energy resources. Most people acknowledge that increased demands in many countries for oil and gas will quickly absorb the available resources, creating a need for renewable sources of energy. Oil, gas and even coal, the long-time favourite resources for energy production will not last forever, and the time to find new resources is before they run dry.

In addition to solar energy and hydro-electric power, the wind is becoming a favourite of investors looking for a place to invest their money in renewable energy. Wind farms have grown in large fields in many countries as they look for ways to provide enough power to offset a decline in available natural resources. Most consider wind not only a renewable energy resource but also a clean source to combat the fear of global warming.

Wind power has been in use for many years, but the technology was at a standstill as power producers clung to the notion that there would always be enough oil and coal to meet the world’s needs. However, it isn’t all about the quantity of fossil fuels that has caused a greater interest in renewable energy as the fear of pumping tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has sparked a whole new industry.

In addition to wind farms in many parts of the world, wind turbines are being located on water, such as on lakes and even on the oceans, where damage to the aquatic ecology is believed to be minimal. Power is transmitted across power lines to land-based substations where it is then used to supplement the existing grid, relieving pressure

on the traditional power generation sources. Investors in this technology are finding that as the wind farms begin producing more power, they also generate profits for those taking a chance in the market.

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