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Baskin Robbins receives Compare The Financial Markets Award

Baskin Robbins receives Compare The Financial Markets award

When examining any investment opportunity, particularly one for which a high initial outlay may be required, there is much to ponder. The most obvious factors will always involve the level of risk and potential ROI. These concerns are naturally lessened when the considered investment is in a global brand boasting a spectacular track record in terms of reputation and enduring family appeal. Such is emphatically the case with the speciality ice cream product giants, Baskin Robbins, winner of the Compare The Financial Markets award for The Best High Investment Franchise Opportunity 2013.

UK investors

Baskin Robbins operates on a franchising principal, a proven business model that enables the company to expand at a steady rate. Investors can become part of a company that has been the world’s foremost in its market for more than six decades. Yet these high investment franchise opportunities with successful global brands are comparatively rare, so it is in recognition of the exciting opportunities offered to UK investors that Compare The Financial Markets is pleased to present 2013’s award for The Best High Investment Franchise Opportunity to Baskin Robbins.

300 million scoops

Baskin Robbins is seeking investors with a minimum of £300k liquid capital to develop portfolios of at least five stores in certain regions. Typically, a five-store portfolio can turn over £1million in the first year of trading, with EBITDA of 10-15%. In 2011, franchise-reported sales across the almost 7,000 Baskin Robbins stores in over 50 nations totalled around US$1.8 billion. Over 300 million scoops of Baskin Robbins’ ice cream are served around the world each week. Incredible numbers, and the opportunity to contribute further to them in the UK is what makes Baskin Robbins the worthy winner of Compare The Financial Markets’ award for The Best High Investment Franchise Opportunity 2013.

“We have worked very hard over the last few years to establish Baskin-Robbins successfully in the UK market. We now have over 100 stores in the UK and great products that also ensure sales during winter, so it’s really great to have our hard work recognized by such a renowned financial advice platform as Compare The Financial Markets,” says Jim Johnstone, General Manager UK.

Extraordinary opportunities

“We all know that Baskin Robbins is a proven winner already,” said Michael Plaza of Compare The Financial Markets, “but in offering these extraordinary opportunities to investors to jump aboard and expand the brand in the UK, the company was an obvious choice for the award this year.”

With a Baskin-Robbins multi-store franchise you will receive full support and training as well as excellent return on investment! For more information about Baskin Robbins please fill in the form below.

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available in the United Kingdom, and further afield. 

As with any business start-up, adequate finance is required, not to mention an in-depth knowledge of the sector, and the potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks. Thorough research is an absolute must and professional advice is invaluable.

At Compare the Financial Markets we understand the franchise business and can provide the information you require to make a success of your franchise choice.

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