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Imitate Modern Gallery London

The art world is a daunting prospect for any new comer, especially when it comes to investing in art, but that’s exactly where we come into play. Consider it a travel destination - whether you are looking to visit as a tourist and buy that one special souvenir or live like a local in search of those rare gems and undiscovered treasures, we can be your guide. Our first stop: London – to the little corner of Marylebone where there lies Imitate Modern.

Imitate Modern

A cutting edge contemporary gallery, Imitate Modern showcases worldwide talent featuring some of the most sought after up-and-coming artists of today. Genres range from striking photographs to vibrant urban art, focusing on emerging artists or those looking to break into the British market, as director, Fallon Khan, says “At Imitate Modern we pride ourselves on being a champion of new talent”.

Fenton Bailey & Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

The current exhibition titled ‘Human Relations’ was curated by Sascha Bailey and features work by Fenton Bailey and Mairi-Luise Tabbakh. With such a name to live up to as their father, David, the Bailey brothers have made a fantastic debut which is sure to be the beginning of a lucrative career. Fenton’s work draws on the intimacy of previous relationships portrayed through sensual portraits of his muses, which received a very positive reaction at the opening night held at Imitate Modern earlier in the month. However, he is not letting the limelight slow him down as he is already hard at work on his next projects and the pace won’t slow down any time soon. In years to come, when his fame could rivals his father’s, it will be incredulous how affordable his debut collection was – ranging from £1,200 to £4,000 - and if he continues to exhibit work in high end galleries, his value will sky rocket in a matter of years.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the exhibition is all about the Bailey brothers; Mairi-Luise Tabbakh hasn’t hidden herself in their shadow, in fact, her talent is the shining beacon of the show. With a background in editorials, her collection of black and white, erotic photographs are a step in a new direction, tailored more to galleries and grand spaces than magazine spreads. Relatively unknown, but that will soon change, she has found a niche in the immense world of photography. Taking inspiration from the likes of Irving Penn and resonating a style similar to Helmut Newton, her work is quickly becoming a point of interest for photography enthusiasts who value the intense and intimate tone of these images. If you are looking to invest in real and raw talent, one which is likely to grow steadily in tune with her career, then Mairi-Luise Tabbakh is the one you for you - that rare gem tucked in-between the tourist attractions.

Tyler Shields

Imitate Modern also represent Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields on this side of the Atlantic and have held numerous incredibly successful exhibitions of his radical work. He photographs the famous youths from American TV and films in controversial scenes, whether it be Mischa Barton gnawing on raw meat or the cast of Revenge caught in a combat of colour in ‘Chromatic’. Tamara Ecclestone flashes her cash in one of his series, Lindsay Lohan is caught red-handed in another, and Emma Roberts and Francesca Eastwood fall from the air in Tyler’s latest collection ‘Suspense’. With high profile names leaping at the chance to work with him, Tyler Shields has escalated in popularity in a very short space of time. Two years ago when Imitate Modern first began working with him, large 60x40 inch prints were selling for £4,000, whereas his ‘Chromatic’ collection from earlier this year accommodated the high demand and sold the same sized prints for £10,000. A number of exclusive editions, like his ‘Birkin’ series sold for £50,000, a staggering increase in value over only a number of months. Tyler Shields certainly isn’t slowing down though, his new ‘Suspense’ series is currently touring the world and continues to showcase his daring and dramatic style, so if you’re interested in purchasing his work we suggest you strike while the iron is hot!

Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons, one of Imitate Modern’s resident artists, has proven there is plenty of interest in urban pop art with his collections of vintage pin up girls against a backdrop of bold collages and reclaimed billboards. As well as setting up his own foundation and community, Art Is The Cure, he is also developing a new movement in art called CUPA – Contemporary Urban Pop Art – that incorporates these various established styles of art into one genre to allow crossovers in his work and encourage others to do the same. With a loyal fan following, including rock group Blink 182, his exhibitions are fast becoming an event to eagerly anticipate at Imitate Modern, with the next show this June displaying his latest collection ‘The Inner Outsider’. Rich is very much still on the rise; currently available at a very affordable price, the value of his work will continue to climb as he comfortably marks his spot in the art market.

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