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Art Investment

Investment in Contemporary Street Art

When weighing up what type of investment might suit you best, decisions can be governed purely by the return the investment might bring – i.e. as long as it makes money, any working knowledge of the product in question is not necessarily crucial to making the decision to invest in it.  While that appears logical, such a choice is ‘dry’ and based on financial common sense, whereas investment in such as art can come with a genuine degree of excitement. 

An Exciting Investment

Of particular interest to savvy investors in recent years have been the areas of photography and street art, bringing with them an exciting sense of involvement in a burgeoning investment market.  Strictly limited edition prints and original works by street artists such as the world renowned (and equally mysterious) Banksy, Alec Monopoly, Stik, Tyler Shields and many other great talents have sold for huge sums, and been subsequently sold on by investors for considerable profits above their initial investments.

Street Art is Hot.

With the global financial climate in a seemingly volatile and perpetual state of flux in recent times, to invest in something as tangible and ‘hot’ as street art seems a very wise decision.  There is no sense whatsoever in the art world that street art is a passing fad, especially as extraordinary works by innovative emerging talents are appearing almost on a weekly basis.  The value of the work of any established street artist or exciting new name can appreciate enormously on the strength of just one tastemaker critic’s positive review, so investment in street art is anything but ‘dry.’ 

London’s Coolest Art Galleries  

Compare The Financial Markets has partnered with some of London’s most progressive independent contemporary art galleries, several of which are specialising in the artworks of up-and-coming stars of the street art scene.  If investing in art interests you, please complete the form below today and submit it to Compare The Financial Markets without delay.  Once we have received your details we can begin working on finding you the best possible street art or contemporary art investment.

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Contemporary/Modern Art

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