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Fine Wine Growth Offers Investor Security

Fine Wine Investments, Despite the economic climate, fine wines have continued to enjoy sales growth uncorking returns on investments to levels far above the stock market. During 19 years, 1983 to 2002, the fine wine index has shown a 12.3% annual growth and the Liv-ex index provided a 15.3 percent return from 2003 to 2007 making wine investments in ideal place for investment funds.

Investing in Wine

As Brazil’s wines continue to grow in popularity so does the amount of land used for vineyards. From 2001 to 2006 over 22 hectares (54,000 acres) was added to the land devoted to growing grapes. The increase from over 163,000 to 217,000 acres of land has provided a rapid growth in just five years. This coupled with a sustained futures market for grapes and wine bottled in Brazil, points to a need for more land on which to grow quality grapes.

Wine Investments

Brazil has taken steps to promote its wines and in just 15 years has accumulated over 1,600 prizes of distinction for its wines in international competitions. Locations such as Natal, Brazil with access to shipping ports to the Atlantic Ocean, allows growers and wineries to take advantage of the love of Brazil’s wine on the global market.

Production and advanced crop techniques have allowed vineyards to produce higher quality grapes. Coupled with vineyard expansion and better production techniques, growers in Brazil are assuring an increase in annual production of quality grapes with which to produce the wine. Investors should see the moves being made as a step in the right direction to only improve the sale on wines from Brazil. Ask the Experts at compare the financial markets when looking to invest in wine.

As in all things, when purchasing fine wines for investment, advice should be sought from experts.

Choosing the best wine investment can be difficult, so careful consideration is crucial. Your questions on the best wine investments will be answered by our industry experts, free of charge. 

Best Wine Investments 

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To help you through the multitude of choices, enter your details below and let the Compare The Financial Markets experts find the best wine investment for you. 

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Invest in Wine

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