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Risk warnings and important information
None of the content above should be considered to constitute investment advice. Individuals’ objectives and circumstances vary and as such appropriate investments for one may not be appropriate investments for all.
Past Performance is a poor indicator and certainly no guarantee of future performance.
Investments can fall as well as rise, and may fall considerably.
The value of investments is not guaranteed and you may not receive back the full amount invested.
The tax treatment of investments such as these, including the initial tax relief available, are dependent on the investment vehicle successfully maintaining qualifying status throughout its life.
Many tax advantaged investments are high risk investments and we strongly recommend investors do not consider investing on the basis of this information alone or investing without obtaining financial advice from an appropriate source.
Investments in small companies are speculative and the promise of higher potential returns comes with a commensurately higher risk of capital losses.
*Definition of a failed investment is the loss of 50% or more of the original investment.
All statements concerning the tax treatment of products and their benefits are based on our understanding of current tax law and HM Revenue and Customs’ practice. Levels and bases of tax relief are subject to change.

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Franchise Investment Opportunities in the UK

Franchise Investment Opportunities in the UK


Investing in an ActionCOACH franchise has a happy habit of being a life-enhancing experience. Some Franchise Partners become so good and successful at business coaching that they go on to exceed their own expectations, setting new standards for excellence and acting as inspirational examples of what can be achieved as an ActionCOACH Franchise Partner. A shining example of this is the multi-award-winning, London-based, Shweta Jhajharia.

Invaluable Asset

From eight years of marketing and management background in various territories for Unilever, Shweta invested in an ActionCOACH franchise in 2008. Just five years later she has risen to become not only the UK’s leading Franchise Partner, but also Europe’s top business coach and one of the UK’s top businesswomen. From signing her first client just one month into her practice, Shweta has already coached more than 200 business owners and proved herself an invaluable asset to her clients. It’s this privileged position of being able to make a meaningful difference to real people’s businesses and lives that gives Shweta the biggest thrill. If you care about people, then you already understand how good it feels to help others.

£50,000 Monthly Cash Income

In respect of earning capacity, like fellow ActionCOACH success story, Peter Boolkah (Chelmsford, Essex), Shweta grew her business’s monthly cash income to over £50,000 in late 2012. Shweta’s formula for this success is built on the application of her ActionCOACH training to her clients’ specific needs: “My purpose is to create more choices and freedom for businesses by helping them develop a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without them,” she says.

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