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Gold Investments Peak in Tough Economy

Gold is the most popular of the precious metals to be used as an investment and has gained popularity as a safe haven since 2000 when the last country removed its currency, the Swiss Franc from the gold standard. However, during difficult economic times investors often pull their cash out of traditional investments such as stocks and shares, and purchase gold to achieve a financial hedge.

London Gold Fixing set a Troy ounce price of $1,549 in June of 2011, creating huge dividends for those who purchased their gold when prices were considerably lower. Some believe that the current price may be hitting its peak and are dropping gold as an Alternative investment while many others believe that since the global economy is being slow to recover, the price of gold will continue to rise.

How much gold is valued is based mainly on supply and demand, but speculation also enters the equation as does how investors feel about the safety of gold as an investment. It has been estimated that all of the mined gold can be envisioned as a cube that measures 20.2 metres square, approximating 158,000 tonnes.

Gold is typically sold in Troy ounces, about 31 grams, and gold bars will require a certificate of purity and weight to be worth its price in the market. The most common method of buying gold is by purchasing bullion but in some countries, such as Canada, Austria and Switzerland, gold bars are sold at major banks. Delivery of gold through banks is usually with bars weighing about 400 Troy ounces but other lower weights are also available.

Another favourite for gold collectors and investors is through gold coins, since the larger gold bullion can be easier to counterfeit. Filling a cavity in the bar with tungsten can maintain the bar’s weight and make it difficult for an assayer to accurately ensure the value of the bar can maintain the bar’s weight and make it difficult for an assayer to accurately ensure the value of the bar.


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