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Investment opportunities – infrastructure investment in Scotland

Scotland is becoming an attractive investment proposition, particularly infrastructure investment. Already gaining an international reputation in many sectors including, life sciences, energy and digital industries, existing projects currently gaining exposure are:

  • Energy – Energetica in Aberdeen City and Shire and Energy Park in Fife
  • Life sciences – Edinburgh BioQuarter
  • Tourism – SECC and Queens Dock 2 in Glasgow and Royal Deeside and Cairngorms
  • Creative industries – Creative Clyde in Glasgow and Seabraes Yard in Dundee
  • Chemical sciences – Grangemouth

Investment opportunities – a top priority

Infrastructure investment – in support of better and modern public services and growth in the Scottish economy – is a top priority for the Scottish Government. With three main aims, the infrastructure programme will be delivered to offer maximum value for money:

  • Provide certainty about investment plans
  • To ensure set out government investment plans are sustainable
  • To deliver sustainable economic growth

Investment opportunities – building a stronger network

The Scottish Government is incorporating a comprehensive and record infrastructure investment programme; improving road and rail infrastructure across the country which will create jobs, help businesses and support sustainable economic growth across the country.

Investment opportunities – invest in Scotland’s future?

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