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Luxury Homes


A luxury UK property is invariably located in a high-end area. This is especially the case with residences in London, which are for the most part situated in the heart of the city. The areas in close proximity to Hyde Park are especially noted for their concentration of grand residences. Most luxury properties in the UK tend to feature special amenities.
These include, but are not limited to, various high-tech options such as multi-room audio.

Bigger is better!

Most luxury properties for sale are larger than average properties, but this is not always the rule. The view and amenities are often the ones that ultimately dictate the high price. 

However, mega apartments with cathedral-like ceilings are rather popular in London, as are penthouses. In fact, penthouses are quite impressive in the capital where costs are several thousand pounds per square foot in the city centre.

Bespoke Property Search with Compare The Financial Markets

Use our bespoke property search to find the right investment for you. Many first-time buyers find the process of buying luxury properties in the UK rather complicated. 

Ask our experts at Compare The Financial Markets and use our bespoke property search below to find the right home, or investment, for you.

Luxury Property

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