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Small Business Loans

Three Things You Need to Know About a Quick Business Loan

An expanding business sometimes cannot afford to go through the lengthy application process for a mainstream loan – cash is required immediately to take advantage of favourable market conditions to expand. That’s when a quick business loan is helpful. Here are some facts you need to know:

·      Fast to get

You can often obtain it in less than a week, provided you can easily put together the documentation required by the bank. You should keep in mind that although quick loan lenders don’t do as much paperwork as their long-term counterparts, there are still plenty of legal formalities to complete before you receive the money. Make sure you financial statements, tax reports, as well as evidence of your financial strength.

·      Easy to get for financially strong businesses

Stable companies with plenty of assets have more chances of getting a quick business loan with advantageous terms than companies plagued by financial insecurities. The latter are usually better off getting long-term unsecured loans.

·      Smaller than normal loans

Quick business loans are often unsecured, not requiring collateral. This makes them risky for lenders, who set a relatively low loan cap. Moreover, the interest rates are not always favourable for borrowers. So if you wish to borrow a lot of money, and do it at a good interest rate, long-term loans may be your best bet.

A Warning

When you’re looking to get quick business loans, you should choose your lender with care. There will always be some disreputable firms offering these loans, and outrageous interest rates. So, if you run a business and want a quick business loan, use professional services.

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