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Solar Energy Emerging from Investment Shadows

When Alternative Investments like solar energy first began emerging as a viable industry in the mid to late 20th century, there were precious few investors willing to take a chance on this new technology, mainly because it was not only that new, but in its history hadn’t made many inroads into the residential or commercial markets. On top of that, coal was still the principal source of power for electrical generation and the technology behind solar energy was expensive.

In the 1970’s as acid rain began washing down around the world, the call for clean energy grew louder and solar energy industries held up their hands, noting they already had the clean technology, as well as a renewable resource with which to produce electricity. The big problem remained that little advancement had been made in the industry and it was still expensive, when comparing the amount of energy produced by the sun and that produced by coal-fired generating plants.

With renewed interest in clean energy, investors began to see the future of solar power and began pumping money into companies that already had their foot in the door.

The additional income enabled companies to begin finding ways to lower the cost of producing solar power as well as turning what many looked at as truly ugly solar panels mounted on the roof of a house into flexible panels that could better fit into the architecture of the building.

As technology advanced, more uses were found for solar power for everything from providing entire communities with electricity through the use of solar panel fields to outdoor lighting that would require no wiring to enhance a home’s landscape. As more uses are found for solar power and more companies get into the industry with innovative ideas and ways to trim the expense of producing electricity from the sun, more investors are finding many more returns on their investment.

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