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About Us - Compare The Financial Markets

At Compare The Financial Markets we compare all the financial markets.

From the world money, international and luxury property markets, to offshore and alternative investments, CTFM is the information hub for potential investors across the globe.

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How can CTFM Help you ?

Unsure which investment to make, or how to invest?

Apply for a free investment consultation with one of our money-saving or investment experts; fill in the ‘Looking to Invest?’ form; complete the ‘Which Investment?’ search form, or download one of our special investment guides.

As our portfolio grows, our range of events and seminars expands to incorporate new markets.

Investment Advice

Compare The Financial Markets is the first Internet-based company to compare all the global financial markets. Our experts can also connect investors with the best possible luxury and below market value property investments. We also offer advice on ‘alternative’ investments, such as contemporary art and wine.

The investment experts at Compare The Financial Markets are here to assist investors find the best possible investments in commodities, luxury London properties or overseas property in territories including Brazil, Russia, India or China.

Additionally, Compare The Financial Markets organizes special networking events and seminars, as well as providing up-to-the-minute advice on the money markets, mortgage deals and IFA offerings.

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CTFM Investment Guides

Download our guides to investing in wine, contemporary art, gold, silver, diamonds or investments detailed in one or more of our many other investment guides. Every section of the Compare The Financial Markets website has a downloadable guide with the best tips on what to do, or be aware of, when considering an investment.