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What to Look For in Bridging Finance Lenders

There are many bridging finance lenders in the UK. Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable – some have outrageous interest rates and hidden fees that may turn an apparently harmless bridge loan into a big problem for an investor. When choosing your bridging finance lender, look for one that...

Provides specialist short term loans. A bridge loan can help you while you’re in-between transactions, but it should not become a burden on your finances. For this reason, avoid lenders that force you to agree to long term commitments. 

Has a flexible approach. Some lenders use exclusively computer-generated scoring systems when deciding whether to approve your loan or not. While these systems are extremely efficient, they can be limiting. On the other hand, smaller bridging finance lenders, especially those offering short-term deals, consider your situation more.

Makes funds available right away. Bridging finance has to be fast if it is to help you. If you require it immediately to pay for a transaction you cannot afford to get bogged down by a lengthy application process. Look for lenders that offer a fast cash guarantee.

Offers competitive rates. Some lenders are notorious for their bad bridge loan rates. Do not settle for a bad rate even if the other features of the deal seem attractive.

 Has no exit fees. Be careful about exit fees – they might not be mentioned. Enquire about them before agreeing to any deal. Provides both personal and commercial bridge loans. Lenders that offer complete services are generally those who have been in business for years. These are therefore not only safer, but also likely to offer the best terms.

Bridging Finance Lenders with Compare The Financial Markets

When comparing bridging finance lenders always consider the reputation of the lender. Sometimes it’s better to choose an established lender rather than an emerging one, even if the latter offers slightly better terms. Talk to the experts at Compare The Financial Markets.

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