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At Compare The Financial Markets we compare all the markets.

From the world money, international and luxury property markets, to offshore and alternative investments, CTFM is the information hub for potential investors across the globe.

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Don’t get caught off guard

Whether its world money, bespoke property, alternative investments like fine wine and contemporary art, or offshore investing and saving, maximising your investment takes careful consideration and insight. We provide that insight and help you minimise the risk. Compare the Financial Markets is designed to help you answer questions like: How do I invest? What should I invest in? How long should I invest for? What are the risks of investing? No matter if you are just starting out or an experienced investor, Compare the Financial Markets provides considerable tools and resources to help you achieve success with your money, such as seminars, events, guides and 1-to-1 advice.

How can CTFM Help you?

Unsure which investment to make, or how to invest? Our access to best investment opportunities will help you on your way.

Apply for a free investment consultation with one of our money-saving or investment experts; fill in the ‘Looking to Invest?’ form; complete the ‘Which Investment?’ search form, or download one of our special investment guides.

As our portfolio grows, our range of events and seminars expands to incorporate new markets to incorporate only the best deals in luxury property, plus online, offshore and alternative investments.

Best Investment Advice

Compare The Financial Markets is the first Internet-based company to compare all the global financial markets. Our experts can also connect investors with the best possible luxury and below market value property investments. As well as online and offshore best investments. We also offer advice on alternative investments such as contemporary art, wine and renewable energy.

The investment experts at Compare The Financial Markets are here to assist investors find the best possible investments in commodities, luxury London properties or overseas property in territories including Brazil, Russia, India or China.

Additionally, Compare The Financial Markets organizes special networking events and seminars, as well as providing up-to-the-minute advice on the money markets, mortgage deals and IFA offerings.

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CTFM Investment Guides

Download our guides to investing in wine, contemporary art, gold, silver and diamonds - luxury real estate, plus online and offshore investments. Detailed in one or more of our many other investment guides. Every section of the Compare The Financial Markets website has a downloadable guide with the best tips on what to do, or be aware of, when considering an investment.

Or, you can source great investment deals from all over the globe by clicking the tab and answering a couple of questions to help us refine your search, and offer you investment advice tailored to your particular needs and investment opportunities of interest.

From best investments, investing money, luxury property and offshore investment opportunities to the financial markets, online and alternative investments, Compare The Financial Markets is the information hub for potential investors across the globe.

Identify the best investments for your budget

Recent years have seen the opportunities to invest expand exponentially, and that doesn’t look like slowing down. That’s why it’s really important to seek good advice on the best investments for your budget. CTFM are constantly evolving our investment guides and our range of networking events and seminars, but we can also help with more specific advice. Perhaps you’ve already got ideas about where you want to invest and just want to know what offers the highest potential return for your money? Perhaps you just want to know future predictions for investments that you’ve already made, and whether to move into something else? Our experts ensure you get unbiased, objective information from experienced market analysts and investors.

Help diversifying your portfolio

CTFM was started to help people reduce the risk of their investments, and to be a one-stop shop for understanding the financial markets. One constant we recommend in terms of managing this risk is to diversify your portfolio. This isn’t just about the number of investments, it’s also about having a balance of short, mid, and long term prospects.

We regularly Identify trends and growth patterns so you don’t have to, and from there you can build a portfolio that matches your own financial plans. Whether it’s investing in art, investing in gold, investing in cryptocurrency, or any number of alternative markets, we provide you with all the information you need to make informed, sensible judgements.

Unbiased financial advice and informed investment predictions. Financial markets change all the time. Investments need to be managed closely and regularly reviewed. The best way to start doing that is to get informed. CTFM is dedicated to keeping you abreast of the latest investment trends. This includes the growing number of ways to invest. For instance, instead of putting money into the stock market or buying assets, you could be investing in a business, or even crowd-investing in a business. Instead of buying gold bullion, you may be better off buying gold certificates, gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) or even gold coins. We offer you unbiased advice on all these things and more, and can connect you with specialists who have experience of the type of investment you’re thinking of making.

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