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Offshore Savings


Financial common sense dictates that if there exists a legal and, crucially, regulated means to lower the amount of tax an investor pays, utilising that means would be a no-brainer decision.  Via offshore financial centres (often referred to as ‘tax havens’), offshore investment provides a way to do so.  Essentially, this means placing a sum of money in a territory other than the investor’s country of residence, and although there are understandably qualifying criteria for all offshore investors to meet, notably concerning the amount invested, this method of reducing taxes is open to investors both large and small.  Legitimate investors can take advantage of lower rates of tax or higher rates of return in this way, presenting opportunities for more profitable investment activities.

An offshore bank account is located outside the country of residence of the depositor, typically in a low tax jurisdiction (or tax haven) that provides financial and legal advantages.

 Advantages include:

 ·      Protection against local, political, or financial instability

·      Greater privacy

·      Easy access to deposits

·      Low or no taxation (i.e. tax havens)

Compare the Best Offshore Savings and Deposits 

As in all things, when comparing offshore savings and deposits, advice should be sought from experts.

Choosing the best offshore savings and deposits can be difficult, so careful consideration is crucial. Your questions on the best offshore accounts will be answered by our industry experts, free of charge. 

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