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*Definition of a failed investment is the loss of 50% or more of the original investment.
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Which Wines to Put in Your Cellar

The prestige in investing in fine wine is found amongst the wealthiest baring portfolios in the investment market. The exquisite nature of wine has bewitched consumers globally, and the wine investment industry keeps growing considerably each year. Prices for these luxurious vintages are expected to rise in 2018, and those that invest now are wise. While Bordeaux wines are at the top of the market chain, there are a surplus of fine wines that can add a plentiful return to your pocket. 

Wine is a quite the tangible asset; therefore, it makes for a fine pick when putting together or adding to your investment portfolio. In beginning your quest to find fine wines that will earn a handsome return, wine experts lead many to the chateaux of Bordeaux. It is a fact that over 90% of the finest wines used for investment are found here. These wines are actively guaranteed for investors, and this type of guarantee has a price on it. There is a limited supply of these sought-after wines and a very high demand. Adding to its rarity, wine is consumed and can never be replaced. That is why a 1947 bottle of Cheval Blanc sold for US $135,125. However, not all fine wines in the investment market are found in the Bordeaux region. New wine investors can acquire fine wines for US$2,000 a case. With age and maturity, the return on these wines will be significant in twenty-five years. 

By contacting an expert, you will be adequately guided to the right fine wines to invest in. Fine wine investment is a unique and tangible market, and the return rate is foreseen to be higher in 2018. While deciding on investing in fine wines, asking the experts at Compare the Financial Markets is the best place to start. 

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Invest in Wine

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